Should you upgrade from Median UI 1.6 to Median UI 1.7?

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Should you upgrade from Median UI 1.6 to Median UI 1.7?
Should you upgrade from Median UI 1.6 to Median UI 1.7?

The Median UI 1.7 version has not been officially announced and released yet, but it has been widely shared everywhere. There are two reasons for this: first, it was ripped from the web demo, and second, those who have purchased it before can contact the author to receive the template.

The most noticeable changes in version 1.7 compared to 1.6 are the addition of the Bookmark section, a slightly changed interface, more customizable default text in the layout section, and a copy button in the code display section (this is only useful for websites that share code).

Compared to version 1.5, version 1.6 was a significant upgrade. However, from 1.6 to 1.7, there are only minor changes in the interface, and nothing significant.

The best thing about this 1.7 version is that if you are using shortcodes on version 1.6 when you upgrade to 1.7, they will still work. With Median UI, each update involves the author renaming all CSS names, making the next version incompatible with the previous one.

In version 1.6, we could use the unencrypted full code, but in version 1.7, the author has encrypted it a lot, and I don't know what those encrypted parts are. This is also something I don't like about this version 1.7.

So should you upgrade from Median UI 1.6 to Median UI 1.7?

This depends on personal preferences and decisions, as no one can decide for you. However, before upgrading, you should consider a few issues:

Currently, Median UI 1.7 does not have enough documentation, so editing will have to be done by yourself. You can find documentation here, but the author has only written a few articles.

Like in version 1.6, the author released an unofficial version before the final one, and it took nearly six months to release the final version, which fixed all the bugs.

In my personal opinion, at this time, you should not upgrade from 1.6 to 1.7, and even if you are new to using it, you should use 1.6 first. Wait for the final version of 1.7 and complete documentation before upgrading, as we will have to make significant changes to the code to make it suitable for use.

You can download Median UI 1.6 and 1.7 and find a considerable amount of documentation on how to install Median UI 1.6. I will update as soon as possible when the final version of Median UI 1.7 is available.

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