Median UI blogger template 1.7 premium free download

Introduction, review, demo and download of Median UI and AMP Template version 1.7 updated on March 15th, 2023.

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Median UI blogger template 1.7 free download

Median UI is a Blogspot template based on an intuitive and user-friendly user interface (UI). It provides a professional interface with menu and layout options to make your blog look beautiful and professional. Median UI also offers options to allow you to customize colors, fonts, and images to fit the content and branding of your blog.

This is a simple and lightweight Blogspot template that is perfect for blogging. Currently, I am also using this template and I am very satisfied with it.

In this post, I will share it with you for free. However, I still encourage you to purchase it to support the author.

Outstanding Features

  1. Integrated commenting system for Blogspot, Facebook, Dispus
  2. Automatic Table of Contents integration
  3. Automatic Schema integration
  4. Night Mode integration
  5. Responsive design
  6. Mobile-friendly
  7. SEO-friendly
  8. Sticky widget
  9. Reaction buttons
  10. Most elements can be edited from the Admin Panel
  11. Numerous Adsense positions and Sticky Ads integration
  12. Bookmark integration (version 1.7)

Median UI 1.6

Median UI 1.6, released on February 28, 2022, includes several noteworthy upgrades and changes:

  1. The desktop menu now automatically collapses to increase website usability.
  2. Font size has been increased, and the default font color is now darker.
  3. The share post section has been improved and looks more professional than before.
  4. The footer menu on mobile now includes text in addition to icons, making it easier for users to distinguish tasks.
  5. The comment section is still in pop-up form but has been adjusted to be in the center, making it look more attractive and convenient than the previous version.
  6. The Description is now automatically displayed below the title as a summary of the post.
  7. The Slider Image can still be edited directly from the Admin Panel, but it is now divided into individual items for better clarity than before.
  8. The Table of Contents has been made more prominent to encourage users to use it. However, the layout is not attractive or logical. Specifically, the subdirectory is split into i, ii, iii, etc., making it look very unprofessional.
  9. The code has been completely revamped, meaning that if your post is using code from the previous version, it will not be displayed in version 1.6. You must edit and modify each post if you want to upgrade.
  10. The search interface has been upgraded to make it full-page and display more search results, making it look very attractive.
  11. The Grid and List display modes on the homepage have been removed, as they only added unnecessary code without any actual usage by visitors.
  12. The site map code has been changed to a menu format.
  13. The Related Posts section has been improved with numbered rankings.
  14. Most notably, this update fixes a significant issue where images in the Related Posts section were blurry. The author has added an automatic code fix, eliminating the need for users to do anything.

Update version 1.6

Version 1.6 has received a minor update. Specifically, on February 28th, 2022, the author uploaded a new version to replace the previous version 1.6 from October 1st, 2021 with the following updates:

  • Improved the display of the Table Of Contents to be more reasonable. In the previous version, from H3 onwards, it displayed in Roman numerals which looked unappealing.
  • Fixed some CSS errors that were not working in the October 1st version.
  • Added some additional CSS.

Download Median UI 1.6

View the demo and download the original file of the Median UI 1.6 Blogspot Template. This is the original file purchased directly from the author with no changes made. It is 100% unencrypted, without any errors, and with full functionality.

Median UI 1.7

The Median UI 1.7 version, updated on March 15th, 2023, will have the following changes and additions compared to version 1.6:

  • Define your own design, more colors and backgrounds can be changed through Customize Blogger Theme.
  • Resize the header logo via Customize Blogger Theme.
  • Bookmark this post |
  • Copy to clipboard button on Syntax Highlighter.
  • normalize.css v8.0.1 |
  • New post components: Guide list, Pros/cons list, Manual lightbox image, Download box ui.
  • More style options on table.
  • List of labels at the end of the post.
  • darkMode v2.0, added dark mode option based on default system.
  • timeAgo v2.0, Easier to choose timestamp format.
  • Product post v2.0, Added discount options from 10% to 90%.
  • Widget Slider v2.0.
  • Easier to learn documentation.
  • Simplified code structure writing.
  • Change the placement of Profile widgets.
  • Easier to change some default text, now some text can be changed via Blogger Layout.
  • Partially hide too long description profile.
  • Moved the Blogger comments column to the first section.
  • Completely uses Iconsax |
  • Auto lightbox image feature, now this feature has to be added manually.
  • Sitemap on staticPage.
  • Split post feature.
  • The Contact Form widget on a static page.
  • Some widget layouts didn't fit when re-added.
  • Can't ad link to image in post.
  • Known/reported bugs.
  • And more...

Additionally, in version 1.7, there will no longer be an AMP version. If someone wants to use the AMP version, they must use version 1.6.

If in version 1.6, we were able to use the unencrypted full version, version 1.7 will be encrypted to protect the author's copyright and prevent sharing.

Specifically, in version 1.7, after purchasing or upgrading from previous versions, users need to contact the author to add the domains they want to use. A maximum of three official domains and one test domain can be used.

Unlike in version 1.6, where the author stated that it was only for use on three domains, in version 1.7, if a domain is not declared beforehand, it cannot be used.

Download Median UI 1.7

View the demo and download the original file of the Median UI 1.7 Blogspot Template. This is the original file purchased directly from the author with no changes made. The file is fully functional and encrypted.

Unlock Median UI 1.7

As mentioned above, the original version only allows for the use of three domains and these domains must be declared to the author. Here is a way for you to use an unlimited number of domains without declaring them to the author.


The following content has been hidden by admin

Please follow the instructions below to get the password to open hidden content.

You go to Google to search for keywords and find site then click to help me get the password, the password is at the end of the article in the Countdown section.

In the template file, you can find the following section:


And add an exclamation mark at the end like this:


That's it. Now you can use as many domains as you want.

Why are there 2 versions of Median UI and Median AMP?

When you install them, the two versions look the same, so why are there two versions and which one should you use?

The Median UI version is the normal version and can install code and scripts like usual. The Median AMP version is specifically designed for the AMP feature on mobile devices.

Regarding what AMP is, you can Google it for more information. AMP will be displayed in Google search results and Facebook news feeds.

However, the AMP version will be very difficult to install and use if you are not familiar with code. Therefore, if you don't have technical expertise, it's best not to use the AMP version and instead use the UI version.

Median AMP is only available in version 1.6, and will no longer be available in version 1.7. Therefore, if you want to use AMP, you should use version 1.6.

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